How to Install WordPress on local WAMP Server

If you haven't installed WAMP Server yet you can find a Tutorial here How to Install WAMP

Let's start by creating a Database.

Start by downloading WordPress from the WordPress Website

Left Click the WAMP icon on the taskbar and choose phpMyAdmin

That will bring up this screen

Notice in the browser its just http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

Type the user name and password and then the Go button. If you followed the previous tutorial the name will be root and the password will be blank. Note - in a production environment you would want to create a new user and a password.

Click New from the next screen, make a Database Name choose Collation then Create

After that go to File Explorer and double Click the C: drive

Then wamp64

Then www

Extract the WordPress download and copy the wordpress folder inside into the www folder that's open. Change the name to whatever you want, I chose wordpresstut.

Then open a browser and type http://localhost/wordpresstut (substitute whatever you renamed the wordpress file.




Choose your language



Now let's change these values. I named my database tutorialdb, root as user and blank password as shown below

You should get the success screen as shown below

Then fill out the next form as indicated

WordPress will now install

the next screen is the dashboard - you have successfully install WordPress.


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