Start by Creating a Password

Then Login

When Prompted Select Yes

The Server Manager Starts

Click configure this local server

First we want to set the appropriate time zone by selecting it

Then Select your zone

Then Exit out to Server Manager

Then Select Ethernet

Right Click on Ethernet and choose Properties

Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 then click properties

Next starting on the top we assign the IP scheme. The default gateway is your router. That third number in the scheme is your Subnet, use the third number from you router scheme. For the IP address you may use any number on the end as long as DHCP isn't giving it out to other computers on the network. After typing the first line press the Tab Key and the Subnet mask will Fill In. The Preferred DNS server should have the same last number as the IP. You are pointing it at yourself, you will lose access to the Internet but that is expected

Next click on Computer Name and the Change button

Enter the desired machine name

After changing click Okay and you will be Prompted to restart

Upon reboot the server manager starts again Choose add roles and features

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next Again

Choose Active Directory Domain Services

Choose Add Features

On the following screen click Next Again

Click Next again

Don't Click Restart as Noted in the Picture and click Install. DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW!! After a few minutes it will install and you will be presented with a blue ribbon

Click the Blue Ribbon to Promote to a domain controller

Choose Add a New Forest and chose your desired domain name

Choose Your desired levels , only chose below 2016 if you already have a Domain Controller that is below it. Fill out the Recovery Password and make note of it somewhere. You will need this if you want to add a backup domain controller or remove one

Click next

Click next again. You may ignore the yellow warning

Click next

Click Install

When Its Done It will reboot on its own

When it does you now are a Domain Controller!

When you log back in

You will see the new features

One last tip

The Server Manager starts up every time we re-boot, to turn that off Click the button at the top

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